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Bachelorette Party in Destin

People come to Destin, Florida for all kinds of celebrations, with bachelorette parties being a popular activity in Destin. There are just so many things you and your girls can do in Destin to celebrate the occasion. Picking the location is one thing, but figuring out the itinerary is a whole different subject. Since you are planning out activities to do for the trip, see down below some things you can do for a bachelorette party in Destin!

Going to Crab Island

The first activity that would be great for a bachelorette party is going to Crab Island. In Destin, going to Crab Island is very popular with both the locals and visitors. Since Crab Island is in the middle of the gulf, there are a few ways to get there for the celebration. The first way is taking a Crab Island Shuttle, which is so much more than just a shuttle, it’s an experience. This is great for bachelorette parties as it fits many people on board. The best party is you will have a Captain so no need to worry about who will be the designated driver for this Crab Island Cruise in Destin, Florida, to reach the area. With our Crab Island Tours, your bachelorette party will be able to sit back and relax. You can also rent a pontoon boat if someone in the party wants to be the driver. Here at Crab Island Runner, we offer bachelorette party packages to celebrate the special occasion. Each of the packages contains a different theme, so make sure to pick the one that fits the bride to be. Now sit back and relax, bring a Bluetooth speaker, and soak up the sun!

Rooftop Bar

After spending the day on a boat at Crab Island, the next stop you should add to your itinerary is the bar, a rooftop bar to be exact, as the bride-to-be deserves the best views of the city.  The place that we are talking about today is The Edge Seafood Restaurant. At the top of the restaurant is a rooftop bar called The Skybar. It is an adults-only rooftop bar that offers amazing scenery. It is a first come, first serve kind of place at The Skybar, so make sure your group arrives early.  The Skybar serves great cocktails and food for everyone to enjoy. While up on the roof, you will be able to hear live music from different local artists. All of the food is fresh and local, and during each month, The Skybar offers a special cocktail, with proceeds going to the charity organization of the month. Grab the girls and hit up The Skybar for cocktails and good vibes.

Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar

This next activity is perfect for after a long day at the beach. Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar is just perfect for a bachelorette party. This place has so many options to choose from, which is why they are a great choice for your itinerary. The services they can provide for a bachelorette party are the mobile bar, the satellite bar service if the mobile bar can not fit, a Craft Cocktail creation class, and cocktail workshops. At the cocktailworkshop, what your group will be learning is how to make three signature cocktails. If your group does not want make alcoholic drinks, then they can make some mocktails. The best part about the workshop with the Tipsy Mule Mobile Bar is all of the supplies will be provided by them. All you need is the liquor, and then you and the girls are ready to make your own signature cocktails!

Private Beach Bonfire

Keep the party going on the beach when you’re done with all the daytime activities! Booking a private beach bonfire is a great way to wind down after a long day. Destin Bonfire Company is the way to go for your bachelorette party. They have a special bachelorette package that is hot pink themed. Everything is pink, from the fire pit to the tiki torches, the whole setup, and even the Bluetooth speaker. It is basically like you are in Barbie world but in Destin, Florida. Optionally, you can add on food and drinks to your package from local vendors. But you can definitely bring any food and drink you want to the bonfire. If you are bringing anything, make sure it is not glass as glass is prohibited on the beach. You can also add on a Charcuterie board and some sparkling champagne for an additional fee. What a way to celebrate your bride-to-be!

Luxury Beach Picnic

Another activity you and your girls can do together is have a luxury beach picnic during the day. Serenity Picnic Company is there to help you and your party out, planning and setting up your luxury picnic. This company makes a beach picnic feel luxurious from the set up to having the perfect view of the beach. Serenity Picnic Company has been doing this since 2019, and they are only getting better. On bachelorette trips, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook while everyone else is having fun. This company takes all of that stress away. Once you pick a date for your luxury beach picnic, you will get notified where to go and what to bring. If you are someone who wants to bring your own food, then that is no problem at all. But if you do not want to have to stress there is an add on with their personal chef who will make these worries go away. How the set up works depends on how many people are in your group. This is perfect for a small group of people or even a large bridal party. You will be able to enjoy two hours with your closest friends as you are taking in the views of the Destin beach.

Officially time for a Bachelorette Party Celebration!

It is officially time to get this bachelorette party started! Figuring out the place you want to go for a bachelorette trip is the first step. Now that you and your friends have decided to go to Destin, Florida, the next step is planning. There are just so many activities and places to go to for a bachelorette party. The main thing to remember is to have a great time as this is a celebration of the future bride. Now let’s pop some champagne and go celebrate