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Visit Crab Island

A day trip that combines the beauty of emerald water with the festive atmosphere could be what you are looking for to start off an exciting summer. Visiting Crab Island in Destin, Florida gives an experience of enjoying scenic beauty while being a part of multiple activities on the sandbar.

About Crab Island

Crab Island is a sandbar, which has become a social gathering destination for many people to anchor their boats, and wade in the water. The place is known for its shallow, clear turquoise waters that are perfect for enjoyment of various water-centric activities. Located 5 minutes away from the Destin Harbor, Crab Island is colored with a relaxed yet festive atmosphere. Visit Crab Island for the excitement from floating vendors, a lively crowd, and the beautiful emerald water along with the abundant marine life. We offer Crab Island Tours on our Crab Island Runner Cruise to enhance the unique experience of your adventure when visiting Crab Island

How to get to Crab Island?

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Choctawhatchee Bay, visit Crab Island has become a popular destination among vacationers that seek a unique aquatic adventure. Crab Island is located to the south of Destin Marine Bridge, the sandbar can be seen while crossing into Destin. The trip to Crab Island usually begins at the Destin Harbor with many boat rental options or Crab Island shuttle to choose from. The short but embark scenic rides through the bay that provide panoramic views of the coastline and the Gulf of Mexico of scenic beauty are only accessible via boats.

Why visit Crab Island?

Visiting Crab Island means immersing yourself in emerald water, watching the abundant marine life, and enjoying the lively social scenery at this destination.The powdery white sands of the sandbar which is submerged during high tide, reveals as the water recedes creating a picturesque setting for saving memories from your trip. The destination is an excellent option for one-day trips planners as there are many Crab Island excursions available for visitors that can be done in a couple of hours. Whether you want to enjoy the emerald water as well as the lively crowd or sitting back and relaxing, this sandbar can accommodate your likings with various activities. A list of things to do at Crab Island starting from water-centric activities like snorkeling, swimming, fishing to shopping, photography, and enjoying the sunset upon crystal-clear turquoise water.

History of Crab Island

If you are planning to visit Crab Island, and can’t help wondering why it is called Crab Island when in fact this destination is a sandbar. Once upon a time, Crab Island was a plot of land that was shaped like a crab along with tiny crabs all over the island; hence the name Crab Island. However, Crab Island was not an island throughout history. The destination came to be known as an island started in the late 20th century. The evolution of the sandbar into an island in the 1960s has many factors contributing to its creation such as drifting sand from the Gulf of Mexico and sand used in an engineering project to prevent erosion. Then, in 1975, Crab Island eventually turned into an underwater sandbar due to hurricane Eloise combined with previous occasional hurricanes. 

Tips when visiting Crab Island

With the growth of tourism in the Gulf Coast area, Crab Island evolved from a hidden gem for locals to a popular recreational destination for tourists across the nation. The shallow, calm waters appeal to many boaters to anchor their boats around Crab Island. Furthermore, the scenic beauty of emerald water and abundant marine life along with the festive atmosphere of floating vendors and the lively crowd draw vacationers to visit Crab Island. As for foods and drinks, you are welcome to bring your own foods or enjoy delicious items from floating vendors. Remember that alcoholic beverages are allowed, but it is BYOB – Bring Your Own Booze. A friendly reminder to do a little research on weather conditions such as if there will be rain or sunny before your visit at Crab Island for the best experience.


When is the best time to visit Crab Island?

Crab Island is a sandbar located near the coast of Destin Harbor. The destination is famous for its emerald water and abundant marine life. Therefore, warm seasons are the recommended time to visit Crab Island. Spring time, especially during March to May, is the best time to do various activities at Crab Island, as the water is not as hot as in the summer.

How to get to Crab Island?

Crab Island is a sandbar located on the north side of Destin Bridge. You can get to Crab Island via boats, and Crab Island boat rentals that bring you to and from the sandbar. Depending on where you are leaving from Destin Harbor, it can take 10 to 20 minutes by boat to be at Crab Island. Crab Island is only accessible via boat, swimming to Crab Island is dangerous and not recommended.

What are some activities to do when visiting Crab Island?

Crab Island is a famous social destination for the summer in Destin, Florida. The destination is famous for its scenic beauty, emerald water and white sand beaches. Any watersports are recommended as well as other activities such as photography, picnicking, snorkeling, and a Crab Island Cruise from Crab Island Runner. 

Why is it called Crab Island?

Crab Island was once a spoil island that formed in the 1960s. The spoil island is shaped like a crab, hence its name is Crab Island. However, due to occasional hurricanes, Crab Island became an underwater sandbar in 1975.

What are some food and drink options at Crab Island?

When visiting Crab Island, food and non-alcoholic drinks can be bought from floating vendors. You will be surprised at what these vendors can serve on their floating food stands. Various options are available such as hamburgers, hot dogs, grills, fresh coconuts, and even ice cream. As for alcoholic beverages, it is BYOB, so remember to bring your own booze.