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Things To Do At Crab Island

Things To Do At Crab Island

Crab Island, located 5 minutes away from the coast of Destin Harbor, is one of the most popular social destinations in the Gulf Coast region. Immersing yourself in the mesmerizing emerald water, abundant marine life, while enjoying good foods. Checkout our Crab Island shuttle to plan your trip. This destination is famous for its wide variety of tours on different watersports as well as relaxing activities. Learn more about Our Crab Island cruise in Destin, FL. 

What activities can you do at Crab Island?

Food & Drink

Getting a taste of good foods and drinks from floating vendors is a unique experience among many things to do at Crab Island. You will be surprised at what these vendors can serve on their floating foodstands. Various options are available such as hamburgers, hot dogs, grills, fresh coconuts, and even ice cream. Feeling like grilling your own foods to add a fun element to the experience, many visitors at Crab Island bring their own portable grill set and ingredients such as meats and seafoods. Besides that it is common to bring your own coolers filled with refreshing drinks as well. 

Note that while alcohol beverages are allowed at Crab Island, it is BYOB – bring your own booze. 

Remember to bring cash to make your purchase not only for foods, but also for souvenirs. 


a hand holding shopping bags

A trip does not complete without souvenirs, as this is not only a transaction. Picking out souvenirs is an activity among things to do at Crab Island that is a tangible way to capture the spirit of a place and bring memories of your travels back home. Whether you are a collector of souvenirs or just want to have little gifts for friends, souvenirs add a personal touch to your adventure. Crab Island has floating vendors and nearby shops that have unique souvenirs from the destination. 


Bringing your own snorkeling gears to observe the abundant marine life at Crab Island is perhaps the most exciting activity among all the things you can do at Crab Island. You can snorkeling anywhere in the emerald water of Crab Island, we recommended choosing a grass flats area for the best snorkeling experience. 

Don’t have snorkeling gear? No worries, snorkeling gears are popular rental items at Crab Island. If this is your first time snorkeling here are five tips to help you enjoy this wonderful activity: 

  • Make sure your snorkeling gears, whether rental or your own, fits properly
  • Have someone to accompany you
  • Remember to keep your snorkel above water at all times, snorkeling is more of floating than swimming
  • Fins are recommended, make sure they fit 
  • Lastly, relax and try not to scare the beautiful marine life by touching


The shallow water that is often waist-deep or shallowers is a distinctive feature at Crab Island. While there are many activities to do at Crab Island, immersing your minds and bodies in the emerald water is the best one for relaxation. Various kinds of floating platforms are allowed to bring for additional fun surrounded by the scenic beauty of Crab Island. Whether you are a proficient swimmer or a curious kid, the calm water creates a playful and safe swimming environment.  

Even though it the water is shallow and calm, it is dangerous to swim from Destin Harbor to Crab Island due to the currents and boating zones


Wondering if fishing is one of the things to do at Crab Island? Yes, you can fish at Crab Island. A fishing license is not required for children under 16 years of age, although a fishing license can be obtained at the local Walmart for people over 16 years old. However, due to how crowded and the amount of boats, Crab Island might not be the best location to go for fishing especially in the summer when it is the high season for tourists. No need to feel down because fishing might not work out, you are allowed to bring a net to catch hermit crabs. Remember to release hermit crabs gently afterwards. 


Whether you are a professional photographer trying to capture the scenic beauty or simply want to keep the memories fresh, photography for your one day trip at this submerged sandbar in Destin is an option of things to do at Crab Island. The emerald water, the abundant marine life, snorkeling or grilling are all things that are worth taking pictures of. Properly seal your camera, especially on windy days; protective filter for lens, a rain-cape for lens and camera body. Take appropriate precautions besides weather-sealed your camera, such as not to lay your camera on sand or rinse it in sea water. 


Sit back and live life to the fullest with delightful beach scenery with food and booze on our crab island runner boat. Many boaters bring their own foods and picnic supplies, you are welcome to do the same. Enjoying good foods and booze is one of many things to do at Crab Island; a friendly reminder that it is BYOB, please bring your own booze. Treat yourself with a feast on the edge of our runner boat surrounded by the mesmerizing scenic beauty of crystal-clear turquoise waters and powdery white sand. Be mindful of the high tides, plan your trip accordingly during the low tides for the best experience of picnicking and playing in the water. 

Island Runner Cruise

If this is your first time visiting the destination and you would rather not have to plan any activities, then our Island Runner Cruise is a choice for you of many things to do at Crab Island. Enjoy the sun setting down on the sparkling emerald water behind your back. Colorful fireworks explode over the Destin Harbor wraps up a memorable day.

The day is coming to an end, you might be reminiscing about the amazing sea water, but feel like you should spend the rest of your time drying up on our runner boat. No need to limit yourself with how much time is left, because you are more than welcome to watch the twilight while relaxing your body or swimming in the calm emerald water. Surround yourself with the abundant marine life at Crab Island. Dolphins most likely would show up at daybreak is the perfect goodbye for your day trip at Crab Island. If dolphins capture your interest, check out our Crab Island tours to book a Dolphin cruise next time you come to Destin or as soon as the next few days. 

Dolphins are not the only farewell Crab Island has for you, fireworks are definitely the cherry-on-top of our Island Runner Cruise. Find out more about our fireworks cruise on Thursday, from Memorial Day through mid-August. Watch colorful fireworks explode over the Destin Harbor from Crab Island Runner cruise as you and your crew relax after a day of fun. 

Concerning where you can find a restroom. We provide restrooms on board the Crab Island Runner.


What are things to do at Crab Island

Crab Island is a famous social destination for the summer in Destin, Florida. The destination is famous for its scenic beauty, emerald water and white sand beaches. Any watersports are recommended as well as other activities such as photography, picnicking, snorkeling, and Island Runner Cruise.  

How can I get to Crab Island?

Crab Island is a sandbar located on the north side of Destin Bridge. It is what used to be a spoil island, but became an underwater sandbar after years of exposure to occasional hurricanes. You can get to Crab Island via boats, and Crab Island shuttle boats that bring you to and from the sandbar.

How long does it take to get to Crab Island from Destin Harbor?

Depending on where you are leaving from Destin Harbor, it can take 10 to 20 minutes by boat to be at Crab Island. Crab Island is only accessible via boats, swimming to Crab Island is dangerous and not recommended.

When is a good time for snorkeling at Crab Island?

Emerald water and abundant marine life makes snorkeling a must-try among all things to do at Crab Island. During daytime in summer is supposedly the best time for snorkeling at Crab Island, but any time during March to October is a good option for snorkeling. If you are planning to snorkeling at Crab Island during winter time, remember to bring a full-body swimming suit. 

When is the best time to go to Crab Island?

Crab Island is a sandbar located near the coast of Destin Harbor. The destination is famous for its emerald water and abundant marine life. Therefore, warm seasons are the recommended time to visit Crab Island. Spring time, especially during March to May, is the best time to do various activities at Crab Island, as the water is not as hot as in the summer. 

Why is Crab Island called Crab Island?

Crab Island was once a spoil island that formed in the 1960s. The spoil island is shaped like a crab, hence its name is Crab Island. However, due to occasional hurricanes, Crab Island became an underwater sandbar in 1975.

Is there a restroom at Crab Island?

While there are no solid options for restrooms at Crab Island, some boaters or Crab Island cruise boats might have restrooms that you can ask to use. Or if you have your own boat, you can go back to the harbor and use restrooms at local restaurants. The Crab Island Runner is equipped with a bathroom.

Where can I get souvenirs at Crab Island? 

While there are many things to do at Crab Island that enhance wonderful memories, looking for souvenirs can be a bit of a challenge at some destinations. Luckily, Crab Island has a good number of floating vendors as well as nearby shops along the Destin coast that would have the unique souvenirs for you to bring back.