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Things To Do In Destin: A Guide

In a land where fish are abundant, and waters are emerald, you might think we’re leading up to a storybook tale, but we’re not! We’re talking about Destin, Florida, where fun and relaxation await. When it comes to places to hit up and things to do in Destin, we’ve got just the spots for you.

A List Of Things To Do In Destin

Crab Island Runner

Let’s start off with going on a Crab Island Cruise in Destin, Florida. Crab Island is a top spot to visit in Destin. This is a sandbar located South of the Marler Bridge, where people can come to enjoy the nice weather while being able to be on and off the water. How you are able to get to Crab Island is first by taking a Crab Island Shuttle. Along the way, you will learn more about what the Crab Island Tours are all about. Once you get to Crab Island, kick back and relax and enjoy the scenery. Make sure you bring an ice chest with you with your favorite foods and drinks. This is a great place to bring the whole family to try something different while visiting Destin. Do not forget to bring the essentials and a waterproof camera to capture all the memories you are going to make. 

the interior of crab island runner

Planetarium Steam Wars

This stop is for all you Star Wars nerds, and even those of you who aren’t so knowledgeable are certain to have fun, too. At Planetarium Steam Wars, all of your questions about just how similar real-life planets are to the ones these Jedi battles take place on will be answered. Here, you can expect a full rundown of planets similar to the not-too-far-away planets and solar system we know of. The planetarium is an adorable inflatable dome where you will get to spend the evening in an intimate educational setting. All you have to do is bring yourself and a pillow to sit on. Enjoy the experience made for the stars or just anyone looking to have fun.

Beach Bonfire

Nothing says vacation in Florida like a bonfire on the sand! When it comes to activities, this one is beautiful and memorable. Held at Pompano Joe’s, there is a large bonfire that awaits and will leave you one happy camper. Grab your vacation people and choose between campfire options. Their options include what they call “The Big One” In this package, you get two giant fire pits, tikis, a package for 45 with complementary s’mores and roasting sticks, a Bluetooth speaker, a cooler of ice, and even six tables. Just think, 29 of your favorite people enjoying the sand, ocean, and fire, of course. Are you uninterested in inviting that many people? No problem, they have options depending on your needs; go big with one of their many add-ons. Lastly, this is the kind of party where someone else cleans up the mess, so have your fun and Irish goodbye to bed.

Farmer’s Market 

Go and see where all the locals hang out on their first Saturday of the month. Held nowhere else but the locals’ favorite spot at the HarborWalk Village, start your experience with a little fuel for the belly at one of HarborWalk Village’s many spots to chow down for brunch, then head on out for the fun. This farmers market is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, help out small local businesses, and have a good time. What vendors can you expect while there? The farmers market will have fresh produce, local & handcrafted art pieces, and so much more! There’s nothing like fresh local produce and supporting small businesses. 

The JSG Band 

This next stop is for the groove-is-in-the-heart baby. The JSG Band is held at Red Fish Taco, and let’s just say this bar is worth the distance. As you could probably guess from the name, there will be tacos and delicious fish available, but it’s the ambiance for most people. We’re talking moody maroon lights, giant TVs for you sports fanatics, and did someone say frozen margaritas? Now we’re talking vacation language. This evening will be fueled by seasoned musicians and so much dancing and activity. The artists will be playing covers of bands like Phish, WSP, and The Dead. Have at it on a night that will have you saying this one’s for the books.

Breakfast Under the Sea

Do you love the ocean so much you wish you could stay in it forever? Or, at the very least, have breakfast in it? Probably a little too wet for your liking, and it would be rather complicated to eat without breathing, which is why we’ve brought you here. At the wondrous Gulfarium, you will enjoy breakfast next to the beautiful tropical fish of their Living Sea aquarium. Do you have a fear of being bored during the waiting process between ordering your food and getting it? Trust us, you won’t be at this meal because, during your downtime, you will be able to pet an African black-footed penguin. This meal includes one entree, two sides, and a beverage. Come and enjoy the kind of experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Destin, Florida, has all the ingredients for a picture-perfect vacation. All you have to do is get there. So, get all your vacation-ready attire out of their dusty boxes and enjoy your time off!